A Writer and Photographer


Hi! I’m Michael Salter. Thanks for stopping at my website. Here’s a little bit about me and some of the content you will find here.

I live and work on a small homestead farm in Central New York, surrounded by thousands of acres of state forest land, not far from where I was born and raised. In my free time I enjoy creating as a freelance writer, editor, and photographer.

As a lifelong lover of the outdoors, I spend as much time as possible camping, hiking, and snowshoeing. This leads me into some wonderful locations for outdoor photography, as well as serving as inspiration for much of my writing. As an outdoor photographer, I look for opportunities to record the natural landscape, birds & animals, human & wild “architecture”, and the various interactions that humans have with the world around us. Although I am not as famous as some other authors (not naming names, you can fill in the blank), I have had articles published by local historical societies, Traditional Bowhunter magazine, and Survival Quarterly magazine. I have also received several awards for my photography (although it’s been a few years).

The words you see on the “Writing” page and the images you see on the “Gallery” page within this website are original with me, unless I give credit to the original source. In general I do not solicit content, I have enough to post regularly. Sometimes friends will have something that I like and think will be of value to others, so I will pass that along on this site. Otherwise, everything comes from me. If you like it, that’s great. Please tell others to check out the site. Thanks again for visiting and sharing a little of my world.